Studio Cultivate is made up of a small team of passionate storytellers, educators and nature enthusiasts. Together with our shared knowledge in horticulture, we create and lead unique workshops and learning sessions to suite all learning levels.



Francis is the founder of Studio Cultivate. Francis set up Studio Cultivate in 2014 with the ambition of helping young people, educators and families learn and love green outdoor spaces. He began working with local nursery schools to develop his ideas of transforming seemingly limited spaces into inspired learning environments for young people to watch and experience nature first hand. As a trained architect with an RHS level 2 qualification, Francis has a natural eye for detail and a passion for creating unique spaces and a wealth of horicultural knowledge. As well as designing Studio Cultivate’s original workshops with his co-partner George, Francis skillfully illustrates and creates our beautiful learning resources.



George has been part of Studio Cultivate since it’s fruition in 2014, sharing Francis’ vision of inspiring young people to engage with outdoor spaces and the living things that occupy them. As a professional actor, George is a natural storyteller, and has the ability to bring our Studio Cultivate characters to life in almost any surrounding! He also has a background in Early Years education and enjoys combining his skills in the development of the Studio Cultivate’s methodology, training and practice.



Jen joined Studio Cultivate in 2018 to help spread the joy of gardening to young people. As a professional gardener, Jen has worked with a number of garden design and maintenance companies, and currently runs her own gardening service in south London. She has previously volunteered at Kew Royal Botanic Gardens and Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses. With a background in Biology and Neuroimaging, Jen hopes to bring a personalised approach to horticulture and teach others about the amazing world of plants! She brings every lesson to life by connecting children with their natural environment and helping them observe the magic of living plants. Jen is also the proud keeper of a new allotment plot, where she will be experimenting with growing remarkable fruits, vegetables and flowers.



Vanessa joined Studio Cultivate in 2018 as an operative, keen to combine her love for the outdoors with her interest in working with Early Years children. Vanessa has previous experience of working with primary school children and is currently making childhood development a key focus of her Art Psychotherapy MA, which she undertakes alongside delivering Kindergarden workshops. Vanessa particularly enjoys the hands-on elements of the workshops and believes that bringing creativity to learning is crucial for engaging and connecting children to the natural world.  

Training & Facilitation

We’re proud to offer a series of seasonal workshops that require regular training sessions, always ensuring our team are delivering the best learning experiences. Every Studio Cultivate staff member is DBS checked, comply with Health & Safety regulations and are fully trained in Studio Cultivate’s unique facilitation style.