How much are your sessions?

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*Studio Cultivate can deliver numerous workshops per school visit to ensure all pupils are able to attend.
For example, if a school has 32 pupils, Studio Cultivate would recommend a 2 hour visit in which 4 workshops will be delivered.

**Minimum spend. Costs are subject to change depending on location and venue specification and brief

Do you provide all materials for the workshops?

Yes! Our handy toolkits mean that we’re able to bring along all the materials needed for each session.
Once a year Studio Cultivate will source growing materials for which there is a small additonal fee (£10-20 per year)

Can you be flexible with times?

Times are fixed to a single weekly slot as agreed by your school and Studio Cultivate at the start of the programme.

Do you require parking?

No parking required. Studio Cultivate programmes are designed to delivered using tricycles and bicycles.

Are all your staff DBS checked?

Yes. For more please read our Safeguarding Policy.

Do school staff members need to be present during the workshops?

We always encourage schools to provide a staff member to attend workshops. This allows staff to participate in the workshop's subject and narrative and allows for more enriched, further learning opportunites for pupils. School's staff-pupil ratios also will need to be observed at all times.

We have a very small outdoor area, do you need lots of space?

Not at all. Our outdoor learning programmes can be tailored to outdoor spaces big and small. We can also utilise local parks and public spaces subject to permissions. (See more below)

Our school doesn't have a garden, does this matter?

No. Our workshops are designed to work well in both indoor and outdoor locations. We do however encourage trips to school's local parks as part of our programmes. This allows pupils to apply their newly acquired skills and knowledge to different outdoor contexts. These trips are scheduled and organised by Studio Cultivate and school staff members a number of weeks in advance to allow school to make appropriate plans.